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Over the weekend, the weather was beautiful and we wanted to make the most of it… Saturday was a town trip while Sunday with everything closed … we decided to visit the nearby Animal world and we were not disappointed 🙂

Frankly I like the fact that birds should be set free and not caged but of course if they are well kept and safe from being eaten then… well… perhaps that’s for good! And they have an extra spacious outlet externally to feel and breathe the fresh air! Also because of the extreme temperature they are indoors at the moment!! They looked so adorable 🙂

If you can spot the leopards sitting and relaxing 😄

This animal world or zoo also has a nature park, a castle( which we skipped this time) so there’s abundance of natural beauty

Shying away???

This zoo has an exclusive area with domestic animals just so that children can pet the beings 🙂

These deers 💕

The place is quite picturesque and I think in spring/summer time, it’s going to look splendid with rich greenery and the surrounding hills! These pics are from my phone but my DSLR has better shots which I will share perhaps later!!

Have a great week ahead 🙂