These days I am slightly pressed with time and by the evening get extremely exhausted 💤… so easy peasy dinner ideas come to my rescue that doesn’t need much effort and turn out to be extremely delicious.

I had read somewhere about stuffed bell peppers and I had a few in my fridge along with some leftover mince which was cooked a night before with some onions, green peas and usual spices.

So I stuffed them with the mince (3/4 filling) and scrubbed the peppers with oil and shoved them in the oven, when half way through, I cracked in an egg and generously covered with grated mozzarella and Parmesan and baked for not more than 8 to 10 mins as I wanted the yolk to be semi cooked. And… and… and…..

it was so so delicious 😋 …. was gobbled up in sometime. I had served with salad.

Split open here 😊

We loved it. Will definitely make this again, only thing perhaps I need to take care is buy the bell peppers that can stand stable as otherwise cracking an egg might be a challenge 🤣

The whole cooking time took not more than 20 mins, if you already have the mince prepared and stored.