When I soak chickpeas, I do soak quite a bit just so that I can make a few alternatives and they are all after boiling them of course – this is extremely helpful in planning and serving meals.

So first is always the Hummus which we love with an assortment of Salad sticks especially carrots, cucumbers or even sweet paprika or some call them red bell peppers 🙂

I make Pita breads at home, fresh and warm which is traditionally served with hummus.

Additionally I roast some vegetables in the oven with a mild olive oil, salt and pepper and fill them into the pita with some hummus and serve them as wraps – which is so easy if you are time pressed!

And finally my favorite – cholle chawal 🤣 – a little time consuming in chopping onions, sautéing the spices, etc but the end result is happiness 😄 Served with jeera rice, salad and yoghurt!!

I also keep a handful of boiled chickpeas aside for salads which is equally healthy, tangy and yummy especially with some boiled eggs and potatoes and lots of tomatoes, cucumber, rocket leaves, onion if you wish…and simple dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper!