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The weather is slowly changing, bringing in lots of rain, low temperature and the slow onset of autumn, which also means summer is coming to an end, soon!! Sigh!

And such weather calls for warm and comforting food. And who wouldn’t love a bowl of pasta in white sauce? Especially, served with loads of sautéed and caramelised mushroom in butter, pepper, salt and loaded with freshly grated Parmesan cheese.

Pure divine, I can tell you!!

And it’s so simple to make.

– Boil the pasta of your choice and in the meanwhile you can prepare the white sauce

– The key to a white sauce is loads of butter just so that the flour you will add mixes in well, this prevents from forming lumps. Of course this is heavy on calories but you can always have portion control 🙂 No?

– As soon as the butter melts I add some minced garlic and stir fry just until it slightly begins to change the color

– Then I add nearly a good TBS of all purpose flour and stir constantly just until the raw smell of the flour is vanished

– Now it’s the turn to add milk, I add nearly a cup and a half for the two of us and constantly stir with the wooden spatula

– When it comes to a boil and begins to form a creamy consistency I add the herbs – fresh sprigs of basil, oregano, pepper, salt and sometimes crushed paprika.

– Reduce the heat to the least and add some grated mozzarella ( better is to remove the pot from heat and mix the cheese, otherwise the milk may split)

– Add some grated Parmesan too and you are done with the sauce ☺️

– While you are letting the sauce simmer, you can sauté the mushrooms in butter until well caramelised and serve hot – first the pasta, the sauce and the mushrooms 🍄 and do not forget more shaved Parmesan

P.S. I have always used the approximate quantity based on the portion I make, you may alter according to your taste and preferences