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Summer is now in full swing and we are making the most of it by indulging in outdoor activities. And some days are excessively hot and humid but that doesn’t deter our spirit, and we went hiking into this forest in between two mountains and a flowing river. The river isn’t too deep except at some spots or curves.

“Raab” is the name of this river…. and you could almost see the water so clear.

The river is full of these pebbles and a beautiful butterfly was resting gracefully.

A clear sky and the rich colors of nature 😍

What you can see is pictures of the bank, but the hiking up and between the mountains was very steep and narrow but immensely adventurous. You must have hiking shoes and comfortable clothing to accomplish this. Normally takes 4 hours to complete one stretch! And good to carry some in between snacks/fruits to maintain good energy levels 😀

We spotted this lovely piece of bench – clearly handmade and I think we will have this custom made for our garden!!

These were tiny bridges to cross the mini streams.