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Normally, there is so much you can explore in Srilanka. But we wanted a relaxed long weekend tied to a beach-resort, and we wanted to save the exploratory mode for a later date.

Booked flights, sorted VISAs, zeroed on the resort, packed bags and off we went to enjoy the sun soaked beach in Srilanka. This particular resort had a lagoon as well, but we chose our room sea-facing but to our dismay we could only hear the divine sea shores as the beach was some 100-200 mts away and slightly downwards (am guessing to avoid cyclone havoc). I guess if we had a room slightly above in terms of floors, perhaps we could get the view – this resort mostly had private cottages.


This nice looking view otherwise had some coffee tables for the evenings, but who wanted this when we had the beach to relish. It was not bad though.


It was serene.


The first floor where normally food was laid for all guests, you can catch the glimpse of this beauty called BEACH.


And what should I say about this…. pure love. Salt induced love in the air. Golden beach. And distant horizon. Yes, you can now drown in dreams.


I swayed for sometime on the hammock dreaming…and occasionally looking at the sky.


And to soak in completely, and remain hydrated, I had something to drink too, yes, by the beach. Sounds so much fun. No? It was πŸ˜‰


Please do not judge me by my plate, after a lot of swimming, and walking around, I was tired and lazy to fetch myself a second or later helpings, yet wanted a bit of everything to taste srilankan food, so got it all.. & It was delicious. Though I would not classify hotel /resort food as authentic, I would really wish to taste local delicacies in homestays, cooked by home cooks. None the less, it wasn’t bad and gave us an idea of what and how locals ate. I feel, it was quite similar to food from Kerela.


Some local sweet …stuffed with coconut


I don’t know why they are called string hoppers, but they were my favourites every breakfast morning!!! Yumm!!


To offer a glimpse of cultural dance, the resort did organise a folk dance. That was sweet.


The palm trees were a saviour in the sunny and humid weather.. On a separate note, whoever is reading this, please save trees or plant more trees and make it green around you. The earth needs it so much and so does human beings.


Such a beauty


I tried to distract and read a bit…, the idea of book by the beach is a poem to me.


Srilankan currency – interesting graphics of ethnicity.


And how exotic the beach looks by the sun downing. No?? I fall in love every time looking at this. πŸ™‚

Hope it was worth stopping by my reviving blog :p