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Endless notes have been written on love and relationships. While actually, the truth is what works for a certain couple may not work for others and likewise! Hence, every relationship is different. Unique. Because, it’s the marriage between two individuals who are different, and cannot be what the prints define, or how someone else opines. It’s a constant work in progress, a perennial discovery, adapting to changes, accepting situations, and above all respecting each other!

Love, is beautiful. Divine. Pure. And, when you find the right person, love follows. It helps you overcome all the barriers and helps you grow and evolve significantly as a person. It also gives you the much desired strength and courage to fight against all odds. Of course, sometimes, experiences are not so good, but that should never change our faith in love. And I have come to believe this strongly, when the faith is strong, nothing goes wrong ever!! 🙂

Who says, Life’s perfect anyway…! 😉 But, with the right person, the journey becomes easier, exciting and adventurous!