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Rape has almost become a synonym to women…these days. Sigh. Nothing seem to scare them. No death threats, not even worldwide protests, awareness, campaigns seem to help. It’s very very sad. And what’s more disheartening is there seems to be no solution to this and people think – in this country, they can get away with everything attitude, and it is their birth right to treat women JUST the way they feel like.

Down south, in India, seemed like a safe zone, until a few years ago for women to thrive in… unlike Delhi and some other North Indian states, but not anymore. All this f****** media furor everyday, is just adding fuel to the fire. And, that, “Kuch Bhi Kar Lo…Kuch Nai Hone Wala…” belief (Nothing is going to happen..no matter what you do) is just giving birth to more culprits on the way…more rape prospects and free will to abuse and mistreat. It’s a shame to mankind.

While I know there’s change happening, I know men who respect women too, treat them well, but it’s just not helping on the massive scale. Verbal Abuse, and ill treatment is no less. Read this, a very very recent incident, written by my friend and the victim of it, was shaken to death almost with absolutely zero fault. Who was this, supposedly, well educated, tamed, so called, civilized guy? I do not wish to run any campaigns, do not wish to take up any protest march, cause everything seems to be futile. All we wish(my friend, my friend’s family and ofcourse I) that this guy, reads this some day, and realizes what he did was not something to feel proud of, and that, will he ever be able to live with his conscience ever, causing so much disgust to someone for no reason). As of now, all I can do is thank God, that you are safe.

” Am I safe? People watched as he verbally abused me – By P.C. 

“ladki parhao..ladki bachao” – Lekin kyun?

Our Prime Minister has started a long overdue campaign to save the girl child. To further support his campaign we have ads on-air from prominent brands like “Ariel” and “Vogue” saying “ladke rote nahi, ladke rulati nahi hain sekhao” and “is laundry a women’s task only”. But then I wonder….. for what purpose are we asking our society to save the girl child .So that they are available to be further abused and berated..? So that a man’s bad day can be vented out on his wife, sister, mother, friend…or in this case a total stranger. Like me.

Yesterday, the 26th of Feb 2015 at around 1:30, I met my friend for lunch. It was a normal day wherein we chatted had lunch and then she walked back to her office and I got into my car to drive back to mine, which is across the Domlur flyover. As I was taking the turn to join the traffic on inner ring road, right in front of Mast Kalander and the Honda Showroom (Amar Jyothi Layout, Domlur, Inner Ring Road), the time must have been 2:15 in the afternoon, a well-dressed man appeared out of nowhere as I was trying to maneuver my way out of that narrow lane, and started banging the car, on the back windsheild asking me to stop…..and that’s when my nightmare started.

This man verbally abused me for the next 15 minutes, claiming that I just tried to run him over! Called me a “Bitch” a zillion times, asking me to get off of my car saying that “we” people are apparently continuously trying to run down pedestrians. At this juncture I would like to point out that I drive an 8-year-old Maruti 800, that can barely go beyond 40kms!! And I am all of 5ft tall and couldn’t harm a fly even if I wanted to, and have been driving for the past 6 years in this very city, without killing myself or another soul.

So, this man in the meanwhile who was dressed in a purple check shirt and a pair of jeans, brown ankle type boots and must be around 5-8″ kept abusing me non-stop in English using the word “f*****g bitch” and “f**k you” every 5 seconds…and kept insisting I get out of the car. I was in shock, but had the presence of mind to stay in the car and lock my doors. I couldn’t drive away because a crowd had gathered and had blocked my path.

Ah the crowd….that patiently waited and watched while this man continued abusing me, not one person thought to tell him, that perhaps you could use proper language. All the while he kept banging the car too, if it was not enough to scare me with his abusive language. I was trying to tell him, that I had not seen him at all, and if I DID try to run him over, that I was sorry….to which he replied…”then you better watch how you drive you f*****g bitch”. Finally after what seemed like ages, when I had a little space I took my car and drove away.

I took the U-turn and stopped the car cause I was shaking like a leaf….and I didn’t think I could drive a mile more. I think I sat there in my car…for how long I have no clue.

Today I am thinking to myself do I feel safe being out on the streets in this city? No. This happened in broad daylight with about at least 50-60 people around…and no one thought it was necessary to stop this obvious Psycho ,because it’s okay to be abusive. Is it? Cause it’s a man’s right in this country? Are we seriously in the same city where in one hand we are paving pathways to Mars and running campaigns to save the girl child?

Yes let us save the girl or else who will we abuse??

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