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Vienna isn’t too far. It’s just a drive away, and we wanted to explore a wee bit over the weekend especially, when Europe is beaming in sunshine and warmth. Austria, in general has plenty of rich natural beauty, especially the Alps…! Vienna, though it’s the capital is more flat and mostly a concrete jungle, but for someone who loves art, history and culture – this is a pure delight. Not much damaged post war, the old buildings and the cobbled path… speaks so much about the history – and all I could do, is walk around  and gaze at the jaw-dropping beautiful architecture of castle, buildings, church etc


Danube river flowing happily. The edges you notice is not filth, but some sort of weed growing in the water, which is cleared almost every morning so that people could sail during summer. I hear, the river is frozen in winter.


We went just for a couple of days and wanted to go downtown and a few spots – the place was very crowded, clearly due to the weather it attracts plenty of tourists around this time. However, just this carriage could transport me to the by gone era…and all I could do is sigh deeply!!


That’s a church, just as it was in those days, and the restoration work was going on.  Look at the intricate work of the artists.


And the contrast with the blue sky


Hofburg Palace and the running carriage


The statue and the passerby…


Wien has plenty of gorgeous cafe’s, especially by this weather it’s a real treat to enjoy with a hot mug of cappuccino


By the beautiful garden, at the schonbrunn palace on a cloudy day – we have reserved the inside view and museum orientation for a later day – when it’s very wintry perhaps  just so that we could enjoy the current weather.

In general, I was quite pleased with Vienna – rich in culture and history. Of course, needs to be explored and read more…but maybe some other day.