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There’s nothing called “My all time favorites”, or “Love Forever”. I have realized, with passing time, our tastes, likes, dislikes and preferences change. Things we used to like as kids or adolescents,  might not be something we like anymore, of course, that’s the process of growing up and discovering life and blah blah.. but am a bit surprised. You know, I have noticed, few things I used to like before, I have started disliking them.. And things I’d hated, I’ve started liking them…Just for instance, I’d never liked long hair, especially since it involves so much care, you know for good, long, shiny hair. So always preferred keeping it shoulder length, but, for the last one year or so, I have started liking it, and am growing my tresses now…! Sharing a pic too 😀

Long Tresses

Long Tresses

Right now, it’s reached…just a bit above my waist. 🙂 But, with this …comes in a lot of trouble to maintain its texture and quality… Sigh!!!!