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The much anticipated Oscar ceremony is over. I think these awards thingy is a tad too hyped. Though, I don’t care much, but I guess, it matters to those who work hard to get recognized in the field of cinema. So amidst all the honorary give-aways, what really caught my attention, the most, was this bit of Nyong’o’s acceptance speech – “No matter where you’re from, your dreams are valid”.

Yes, her words, kind of sound magic to me. And reinforces my belief that we should not put our dreams to rest. We must dream big. We must live to see our dreams come true. Yes, that’s what Life is all about  – to give wings to your dreams and fly high in the scale of life…:-)

Out of all the nominated movies, I did watch Blue Jasmine, and I think Cate was very natural, and she delivered a fine performance. Her acceptance speech was genuine too. And, I am going to watch “12 Years a Slave” very soon.

Congratulations to the winners!!