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I had the golden opportunity to meet Gulzar Sa’b, at the Blr Lit fest, this season. And believe me, I could not have been happier meeting anyone else on earth. His poetry has always mesmerized me, and after meeting him, I am in complete awe of this man. It actually left me wondering, if men … do exist with such a fine demeanor and eloquence..! Do they? In reality? 😀

Look at his face, it exudes such wisdom, poise and charm.  And, his aura is equally infectious when you meet him up, close & personal – Very humble, polite and grounded.

The charming Man

The charming Man

“Dil dhoondhta hai, phir wahi, fursat ke raat din” (Once more, my heart yearns for those leisurely days) – The Great Gulzaar Sa’b (If you can… listen to the music. It will stir up your mind surely)