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Mondays are always MUNDANE! Unexciting! We all think, after having a good weekend, there’s always a fresh start. A new beginning. But, alas! Instead, we find ourselves struggling to get out of the “good weekend” mode. Sort of a hangover. So, this Monday morning, when I woke up, the first thing that came to my mind was the long list of “Things to Do” and I started fretting. I somehow did not want a bad day for the beginning of the week.

Loaded with a good breakfast and positive energy I started my day. Quickly planned and prioritized the action items and finished them one by one. Now, I kind of feel better. Relaxed. Having accomplished a nearly successful day brings peace and joy. Of course the incentive is – 4 days down the line, there’s  another weekend. 🙂

Stay happy and don’t forget to smile!!  🙂