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I want to live a life with absolutely no regrets. I want to enjoy every bit. Every moment. I want to make the most of this life – a satisfactory life at least.

All about Life (Source:parisanoman.wordpress.com)

All about Life (parisanoman.wordpress.com)

Towards the end I do not want to feel remorse thinking… Oh! I should have done this, I should have done that…I should have spent a little more time with my loved ones, or that I should have expressed myself a bit more, or could have spread more love and joy, or may be I should have traveled there, explored places, met more people, should have tasted that exotic food… or read that book under the sun over green pastures, or stared endlessly at those twinkling stars in the night-time… etc etc. I don’t want any space for could have and should have.

With conviction, I want to fulfill all my dreams, all my wishes, desires and aspirations. Whether I will be able to do so… I don’t know as yet. At least I would know I tried. I attempted. Rest all depends on destiny. Strange, no? How we are all enslaved by the thing called destiny. But, nevertheless hopes should not die, and that’s exactly what fuels our spirits.

So, go ahead, make a list of all that you wish to do…and fulfill them. In the meanwhile, I am going to work on mine. 🙂