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I am quite fond of writing. So much, so that… I prefer writing and expressing myself over talking, except that texting on phone. I simply can’t engage myself typing patiently on the tiny phone keypad – I hate it. Anyways, coming back to writing…I like to write mails, would anyday prefer the age old method of letters, but nevertheless the emails work in this jet age. So, I write to close friends often, and I like to read their replies, and then the series…back and forth. Sounds conventional, but they make my day invariably ๐Ÿ™‚

Postcards / Letter Pads (dailybuzz.co.au)

Postcards / Letter Pads (dailybuzz.co.au)

Someday, I want to revive the letter writing practice using a letterpad, inked chinese pen, and post them to distant friends or use a postcard maybe with a brief handwritten note…!! I think, am gonna do that soon!!ย What say???

Have a fabulous weekend anyway, and see if you can write a nice loving letter to a dear friend soon?