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As the saying goes, people come into your life for a reason, in my life too, they came in with a reason. I have been mostly fortunate to have met good people in every walk of life, except a few of course, who have left some bitter taste. Otherwise, the ones, who have showered immense love and care on me, I do not forget a moment to feel grateful towards them, and pray to God for their well-being always. We at least owe them this much. No?

So today I specially remember this person, from my earlier company, a colleague turned friend, who out of her care and generosity, knowing I skipped lunches, would most of the times, pack lunch box for me from her home, so that I could at least eat a morsel or two at my desk.Β We were not the bestest of friends, nor we seemed to talk about anything under the sun, but we were very comfortable with each other at workplace. :-)And yes, she also knew I loved sambar(a medley of vegetables & lentils) and rice, so she would make them specially for me and bring it to office, and what an amazing cook she is.

Here’s to dear D,Β thanks a bunch for all your love and care. I do cherish all those moments and shall always do… God bless!” πŸ™‚