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Rabindranath Tagore, has been so powerful with his words that I wonder often, how could he envisage the most pertinent human emotions of all? How did he so effortlessly weave the magic of deeply profound and sensitive feelings into a fine string of words? How did he?

Here’s a fine translation of the Bengali poetry by the legendary poet Rabindranath Tagore;

Age after age, hast Thou, O Lord, sent messengers again and again
into this pitiless world.
And they have said ‘Forgive all’, said ‘Love.’
‘Kill rather the poison of hatred inside you.’
Worth admiration, worth remembrance, all; yet I turn them away
With failed greetings from my door on this dark day.

For I have seen secret hatred murder the helpless
Under the shade of hypocrisy
For I have seen redressless crimes of the powerful
Make silent justice weep furtively.
For I have seen frenzied young boys
Die in agony dashing their heads against stone, to no use.

My voice is choked today, my flute songless,
A black moonless prison has submerged my world into a nightmare.
So in tears I ask Thee:
Those who poisoned Your air, those who extinguished Your light,
Is it that You have forgiven them? that You have come to love them?

Thank you P, for this beautiful piece on your blog!