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As her soft hands carefully sew, paying great attention to detail, I watch her in absolute awe, and wonder… what other facets am yet to discover of my beautiful, loving, adorable mother. I remember, in those early growing up days, during her free hours, she would knit sweaters for us, when all of us were packed off to school, around the winter time, besides some crochet table covers, embroidered cushion covers etc. But, somehow, with more responsibilities, and other priorities, she could never continue or allocate time to what she loved doing – sewing,Β embroidery, knitting. Now, I strongly encouraged her, got her linen, colorful threads, a round wooden frame, so that she can craft more and Β unveil her creativity. In lieu of that, I get to see her graceful, warm smile – content and at peace.

Hand Crafted Bed Linen

Hand Crafted Bed Linen

And by the way, this piece, she said, she is making especially for me, lucky me. Thank you Ma πŸ™‚