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Death is a peculiar truth, which we slowly accept over a period of time, but when it’s attempted under extraordinary circumstances, it provokes an unusual discomfort.

I lost a friend recently. She hung herself to death, for; she could not cope up with life. A life, which evoked stark difficulties and unrelenting pain. It may sound bizarre to many. To some, it might be a cowardly, selfish act. Some may sympathize too. But, when I heard, I was angry at what she did. Why did she not think about her family, her friends;  that she left behind. People, who cared for her. Suicide, is the most miserable thing to do to oneself, to people; who are left behind to grieve for a lifetime. It’s defying the law of nature and, none of us have the right to tamper with it. But, who should I complain to? Who should I scream at? The person who’s never going to be around? The thought leaves me severely pained.

I believe there is no such difficulty, which cannot be overcome. It just needs courage, perhaps a little hope, and loads of strength to overcome the difficulties.  In Albert’s own words, Albert Camus’, “But in the end one needs more courage to live than to kill himself.” Life, for all of us, is a journey, which takes us through a series of highs and lows, and towards the end, it’s all about how we survive, and how well we survive.

All I can do now is pray, so that her soul rests in peace. But, here’s what I would like to say, please reach out for help, whenever you feel helpless. Suicide is NOT the solution to problems in life. It’s so unfair to you and to people around you. Human life is precious. Every being is special. When you are about to succumb to such thoughts, think of those, who love and care… Please.

I do not plead to be saved from danger, in face of danger, may I not be afraid. So be it if you soothe not my woebegone heart. May I have the courage to conquer woe! – Rabindranath Tagore

and yes… Life has to go on…!