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Reading a book, completely at ease and enjoying the serenity of the nature around… on a sailing houseboat has always been a dream…and the dream is soon going to be true! Yes, yet another quick vacation is lined up, and this time it’s the enchanting backwaters in God’s own country, Kerala!

Kerala, I had always read about it in the text books back in school, its high literacy rate, the boat race, kathakali dance, a land that produces rich spices, cashews, etc etc…but it’s the state’s lush greenery, backwaters, beaches, that has always kindled the interest to visit the place and feel its spellbinding beauty. Undoubtedly, I am going to capture a slice of it through my camera…Ah!! I simply can’t wait for it to happen. A new destination, a chance to explore and learn more about the place, its people, rich culture, sinful seafood and local culinary delicacies, and a life time experience awaits. Though, it’s a brief time off, but I am happy it’s MINUS work. I wish I could throw away my phone too, to pursue this journey in its entirety… without any disruption…without any burden – not even the slightest of it and am just going to swear by the local flavors. Do write in what is it that I should not miss… 🙂

Have a great weekend, all you beautiful people!!