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We often whine, we express our anguish and anger o’er the pain, loss and sufferings we endure. But, how often do we pause, ponder and thank for all the beautiful things we possess in life? Rarely or barely. Today, instead of looking at what’s not there in life, I choose to look at all that I have in my life. Most definitely not with pride, but pure humility… I wish to list down things that I am truly blessed with;

  • I am blessed; I have my two feet intact, and I can walk, jump and dance around,
  • I am blessed; I have my pair of hands, that can work well,
  • I am blessed; I have my eyes, and I can see the beautiful world,
  • I am blessed; I can talk, express and voice out my opinions,
  • I am blessed; I have a reasonably fit body, and I do not have any ailments, 
  • I am blessed; I am sane – I have a mind of my own, and I can think through wisely,
  • I am blessed; I am educated, I can read, write and understand,
  • I am blessed; I never had to struggle for my career, 
  • I am blessed; I can do things that I enjoy doing so, I travel, cook good food, nature trails, driving, and lots more,
  • I am blessed; I have an endearing family, and friends, who are very dependable, helpful, and have always been kind to me,
  • I am blessed; for all the pain inflicted too, for it has only made me more compassionate, strong and wise, as a person,
  • I am truly blessed for the unshaken faith. I can give, share, help, nurture, love, people around me.
  • Last, but not the least I have a life, to live with sincerity, make the most of it and spread the cheer without any regrets.

Thank you Almighty God, for all the beauty in my life. Indeed, am blessed. This note, would always serve as a reminder whenever I complain or throw a bout of anger saying nothing’s right in my life. A promise to stay calm, and not get flustered with the occasional storms in life. For I have learnt, life, in phases it unwraps, its secrets, moments of joy and sadness.

Also, my prayers goes out to all those who are affected by Sandy, Nilam. Stay safe and in good care…wherever you are!

Love & peace to all!!!!