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So, I have been busy lately. Or, so to say I am trying to keep myself busy. Precisely, to not let go off this mind to the world of worries. I remain preoccupied.

My typical day kick starts at 8:00 AM. 😐 Not earlier than that. I am not a morning person at all. After a few chores at home I go to work, come back and cook sometimes. I enjoy cooking, and if it’s a good meal…it easily takes a good deal of time. Chopping, frying, stirring… patiently to make sure it’s well cooked. Cooked to absolute perfection. After dinner, try and work a bit more on incomplete tasks, check personal mails, and then finally when it’s time to call it a day, I read. Yes, I am religiously getting into this habit of reading before I sleep. Everyday. Even if it’s a page or two, I have to read. My office is apparently quite close by and I hardly use the commute time to read, I sit and observe instead in the rick – the people, those countless vehicles, the traffic, the squirrels running down the Gulmohr trees, even the sky at times…

By the way, I finished two books and reading the third one i.e. Kaui Hart Hemming’ The Descendants. Yes, it’s the same George Clooney’s movie adapted from this novel. Honestly, it’s an OK read…(just that the way it’s written sounds so Hollywood-Movie types) I might like the movie though..but as of now can’t abandon because I hate to put down books mid-way.

What are you all reading now?