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Last week it had rained. Heavily. Madly. As if someone was pelting stones on the roof top. Outside, life’d come to a halt. Busy roads, suddenly were abandoned. The trees, bore the weather’s wrath. And I, silently witnessed it from the office corridors. When it rains, I have to sneak out, to watch, to ponder – over what? I don’t know, but I do. When it rains, it has some magnetic effect on me.. it pulls me strangely towards itself. I wish to leave everything aside, and attend to those pearly, tear like drops, falling incessantly on earth, soaking everything in its ardor.

Tea Joint

A Quiet & Serene Spot

When the intensity decreased, I wanted to stop by at a lovely cafe close to my office for a cup of tea, purely because of its ambiance` – with the nature almost embracing you in its close proximity. It has an open area, and the place offers some quick eats too, fairly good ones, continental though. The tea  there is served with those optional tea-bags – English style with hot water, fresh milk, sugar cubes. For me, it’s better than those vending machines pouring out mechanized cups of tea.

A Cup of Tea

A Cup of Tea

My tea arrived in no time. I looked out at the trees, the leaves, – how it glistened after the heavy downpour. I sipped slowly, enjoying the warmth over the slightly chilly and damp weather. Rains, hypnotize me. It weaves a magical tune. Each time it pours, I get dissolved in it…