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Honestly, from a very very long time I have been looking for a nice, handmade, wooden holder – where I can hang my ear-rings…so that I do not have to literally rummage through the whole lot… especially during those busy morning hours to find the matching pair to go with my dress. Heck! I never found one. Tried online stores too. But, alas!Β Eventually, I decided to create one. And, I am quite happy with the results. πŸ™‚

For this one, I have used the wooden frames that we get in the stores for embroidery. Then placed the plastic jute mesh, and embellished it with some thermocol balls and wired it with spare paper rose flowers towards the edges. Oh, and I had a spare anklet that I have tied to hang in against the wall. Yes, it’s that simple πŸ™‚

Ok, for this one I have used an old picture frame and simply tucked in the plastic jute mesh πŸ™‚

Please tell me if you liked it and also, share your DIY projects.. Am on a spree…to make crafts and I am really enjoying it. Did I tell you, I have a fetish for hand crafted goods. I buy lots of them but nothing pleases more than making one.. I guess.