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1. Female Foeticide

2. Child Sexual-Abuse

3. Dowry

4. Intolerance to love marriages

What next on Aamir’s show – Satyamev Jayate? Am wondering if infidelity would be considered in his show sometime? Isn’t it a social evil too that drains one emotionally, and leaves the person distraught. Breach of trust, betrayal, cheating, whatever you may call it, but once discovered between the partners, the aftermath is indeed traumatic, leading to loss of faith and sometimes even life owing to emotional turbulence. It might be silly to lose life over someone like that. Agreed. But, in such a frame of mind, under severe circumstances, everything seems blank.  You lose all sanity to even think of a solution. Lack of any support system around, lack of direction, one does feel helpless and perhaps that’s when they resort to such extreme steps.

So, what prompts infidelity? Is it incompatibility? Or lust? Or some folks are characterized that way? For sure, incompatibility is an excuse – what do we do with our brothers, sisters or parents, when our thoughts do not gel, living habits are intolerable, or some crisis transcends? Do we look for new siblings or parents? Then, why spouse? Because, they are taken for granted? Not everyone is lucky to have a strong support system of family, friends around. And the ones who survive such catastrophe, succeeds only after several efforts and a strong will-power embedded with a good support system. Perhaps, their wounds get healed but the scars? They don’t. They remain for a lifetime – especially in cases where so much has been at stake – family, children, social stigma. Of course, separation could be the easiest way out, but is it really that easy?

Can we do something about it too? Educate, make them aware and ask people to think about it twice as much before indulging into anything that’s immoral and has such a severe impact?