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Now, who would not like to garner all the importance given around? And it’s even more irresistible when it comes from my four year  old doll – “D” , my best friend’s daughter, who’s very very dear to me. She hugs me after meeting me, like a long-lost friend meets the other. She giggles, laughs and plays with me. She calls me her best friend and wants me to join her school, in the same class. And then, when the time comes for me to leave, she starts throwing her tantrums and hates to see me leaving. Oh! I wish I could stop the time then and there; and say – let me enjoy some more…more of such special moments!!!

To my little, adorable “D”,

I love you to the core and want all the happiness in the world for you. And, there’s something uncanny about the bond that connects us – something that’s beyond my understanding.

With all the love in the universe,

Yours forever!