I am almost used to living alone. Have lived alone and somehow mastered the art of managing things pretty independently. But, when I fall sick it pricks me the most. I have been raised in such a way that each time I’d fall sick..I’d have people around me… to nurse me, to check on me and to make sure I bounce back soon – hale and hearty. So imagining, if I fall sick with no one around unnerves me, especially since I have been through that. It’s scary. Of course everyone would be available(family, friends) just a call away for the remote care and support, but practically speaking, it’s difficult – to fetch a glass of water on your own, or making a cup of tea or even cooking a meal for a morsel or two;Β when you can hardly move.

Wretched and strange ways of life, but it has to go on. No?Β Have been slightly unwell, hence…(at the moment, am blessed to have my family around) πŸ™‚