This morning I was thinking, either I choose to sulk over what has happened or choose to forgive, forget and move on. So, what are the reasons that should make me smile and look forward to?

  • I have the support of my most beloved person on earth – my mother, my family and my cute little adorable niece (Just her smile makes me forget everything else) 🙂
  • I have the support of much stronger and trustworthy friends around me who have stood by me always, including friends from the blog-world
  • I have the ability to endure and survive. Forget, Forgive and Move On.
  • And above all, I have a Life which I must channelize towards better things in life.

“There are all kinds of people on earth, good & bad. For, those who are bad would hurt me, deceive me and try to pull me down on the way. But I choose not to get affected ’cause I trust, that someday they would learn their lessons well and realize,  … what they did to me was not fair. ” – Me