My Delhi trip turned out to be an absolute pleasure trip. Good project, good team, good food, and lots of shopping. Met some close friends. Visited places. All in all, good time spent. And now, I am back to my cosy place. No matter how far you travel, no matter where you travel…at the end of the day, it feels good to be back home…to feel safe and sound. To be back to your comfort zone.

However, I would miss the place. Especially, because it was a winter month. For, it had a different charm altogether. Here are some of the things…I would miss, I suppose.

  • Cold-frosty-wintry mornings. Sometimes clouds marked with silent rainfall made it even dark and dreary
  • Those foggy days and the long wait to catch a glimpse of sun… to get soaked in the warmth
  • Regular tea servings to beat the chill-ginger and lemonΒ flavored
  • Heaters and blowers. Comforters and electric blankets. To warm up the cold rooms and our freezing limbs.
  • Layers of clothing…thermal wears, sweaters, jackets, scarves etc … yet, an attempt to look cool πŸ˜‰
  • Breakfast mostly of stuffed paranthe (Indian flat breads) and vegetable pickle, sometimes dose of chhole bhature, puri and aloo sabzi – north Indian breakfast staple
  • Gajar and mung daal halwa; winter-special sweet indulgence
  • Occasional munching of fresh-steaming-momos with spicy chilli sauce
  • The times spent with friends at Dilli Haat, Purani Dilli and other market places
  • Delhi’s well connected metro lines and its rides.
  • Those nostalgic cycle-rickshaw rides and reading some of the hilarious sign boards in hindi on the way

“Travelling, to me is beyond moving. It’s about learning & experiencing new things, meeting new people, exploring a new chapter of my life…in a foreign land” – meΒ