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I have a strong penchant for handcrafted goods made by artisans – especially those traditional & ethnic embroidery works, crochet, chikankari, phulkari work. Also, whenever I travel, I make it a point to buy artefacts and handicrafts that’s locally produced. No wonder I jumped at the opportunity to visit Dilli Haat – a market place in Delhi; for craftsmen who come and sell their handicrafts from all the corners of India. Though it’s slightly expensive they say, but I didn’t care…I was so fascinated that ended up buying some stoles with excellent phulkari work all over – a hallmark of Punjab.

Ethnic sarees, stoles, shawls at the stalls

It’s winter and thank god it was sunny and warm 🙂

My favorite kashmiri shawls, dresses

Some more hand-made crafts

It was nice to see people, chatting and enjoying the warmth of the sun while gazing at the craft work

Beautiful, colorful and exquisite puppets made of cloth

Missed a puppet show though

Hand crafted mats etc.

A man at work – weaving the expensive pashmina – a fine cashmere wool. (He was kind enough to give me a bit of the expensive raw wool on my request)

Lovely & bright crafts to adorn your walls

Don’t you adore them too??