This year has started on a whole lot of positivity, unlike last year. Don’t even wish to remember some “incidents” and difficult times caused by unscrupulous people. But, lessons learnt well 🙂

Anyway, met a childhood friend after 6 looooong years…we visited Delhi Haat…did some shopping…had some yummy steamy momoz …Met another friend…received a bunch of my favorite flowers(tube-roses) and a music CD that has a collection of my favorite old songs. A very thoughtful present I must say. Had delectable Chinese food for dinner…and a sinful cheese cake to celebrate the new year eve. Will post some pics very soon 😉

So it was meeting friends, presents, shopping, food-ing and fun! Absolute bliss! Delhi is bringing so much happiness to me…could not have asked for more. Love this place.


Happy New Year to alll you lovely people….. once again 😉