Something inside kindled,
prompted me to come back,
to a world of mysterious beauty,
and eclectic joy,
of connecting and bonding,
sharing and laughing,
in endless ways…
and greatest care!

I was going through a transition phase – both on a personal and professional front. Hence this unannounced break. There were “some” people who did not spare even this space to pull me down, affect me and hurt me, but I did not choose to stoop down to their levels. I chose silence instead. Cared less and remained calm and quiet. Rediscovered myself in the process and found my own happiness and zeal to live my life.

Professionally and personally I am very happy now. Thanks to all those who have been pillars of strength throughout.

Wishing you all a great festive season ahead!

Much Love!!!


P.S. (Thank you for your unconditional love, to all those emails and requests to come back. I will reply to each mail personally very soon)