Here I am, pleased to receive this Sunshine award/badge and completing this tag of few of my favourite things. Tags are always fun, aren’t they?

Food: Anything well cooked and wrapped with love

Color: Blue, Black, White and a lot of pastel shades

Sports:  Football and badminton

Dessert:  Caramel Custard, Chocolate Brownie, seviyan…

Artist/Singer/Band:  I have always loved R.D. Burman music…Kishore Kumar Songs…

Pair of shoes:  Flats…ethnic mostly 🙂

Accessory:  I love black metal jewellery and anklets…

Hobbies:  Reading, blogging, pottery, cooking, travelling, and …I don’t remember as of now 😐

Beauty product:  Not much…moisturizer, kajal, and lip balm

Snacks:  Anything chatpata…. Yummm 🙂

Movies:  Hmmm… I love watching classics…but anything that’s a timpass..I can watch it

Thank you Faisal for the award and the tag. It was fun!! Thanks to Ajay too for tagging me, though I am yet to take it up, 🙂 And, I would like to pass this Sunshine badge and tag to all my beautiful readers who visit my page, read and leave their lovely comments. Keep shining 🙂