My day started all busy-busy … just because I woke up late. Made quick breakfast (slowly working on my food habits), finished off a few household chores, rushed for my classes… and obviously failed to reach on time!!! I hate to be late. 😦

Nevertheless, had a very rewarding day at the workshop. We were asked to give finishing touches to the hand pinched objects and taught how to varnish them for that extra sheen. I was happy to see the end result. Now it would go into the Kiln for firing. Am so excited and can’t wait any longer to see the finished product. Have started practicing on the wheel too and it’s turning out to be unbelievably amazing. Slowly, with moist hands giving some form to the clay. Wow!! I want to make a lot of artifacts, bowls…plates and pots out of it. A few give away for my friends too. Yes, yes, all of you…for being there throughout. 🙂

After my classes I went for some grocery shopping. I prefer buying everything fresh …for cooking. Bought home some bright green colored spinach leaves and potatoes…for dinner tonight.  Along with the spinach, picked up a few long, slender looking tuberoses from the florist…to adorn the room and for some sweet, intoxicating fragrance.  Ahhhh! My favourite lot. 🙂

Weather is good and I am having a cup of hot ginger tea with rusks, while posting this…how was your day today?