I made a promise to myself and here I am…trying to fulfil it. I joined my pottery classes this week, and my first day was remarkable. Kneading, rolling, hand-pinching, scoring, and what not. Ofcourse am yet to learn the art of “Throwing on the wheel”, wedging, centering, pulling, firing, glazing and a lot more. Slowly, am hoping I would be able to master this fine art. I want to.

                            At the school, some artefacts displayed

                           Some more…

My first creation, hand pinched. Unfinished. An ethnic turtle at a very raw stage.

You know, the best part is everyday I am getting inspired. The biggest lesson is that of “detachment”. At beginner’s level, we created an article and then with a heavy heart we had to dismantle it. Why? So that we detach ourselves and focus on the next object to achieve the perfection. Secondly, “Patience”. The entire process is a bit time-consuming and needs tremendous patience. Once, you have given some form to the clay, you need to wait until it hardens and then there’s firing, glazing, etc. It may take over 2 weeks to get the final outcome, depending on factors like texture of the clay and right temperature.

So,  life is a great lesson. Keep learning!