The train screeched to a halt, early in the morning. I rushed and sprang up; while I ran my fingers through the dishevelled hair and tied it into a knot. I was half-asleep when I pulled my baggage out, and a gentleman helped me open the door, seeing both my hands were full. I politely thanked him and got off the compartment. Breathed in the air, that was fresh and pure…and misty. Morning air always cheers me up, no matter what. Heard the sparrows twitter almost close to my ears, I couldn’t help…but smile. The sky was clear and blue, as if…rinsed with heavy rainfall; the previous night. I walked over the platform pleased and burdened with my heavy bags. I could hear the noisy traffic outside…amidst auto walah’s who scratched and grinned and continued to pester asking… Madam, where to go? I plainly ignored, and basked in the glory of arriving at my destination.

There’s something special, yet distinctly uncanny that pulls me back to this city…this time for a little longer period though. A city that has an unpredictable; yet lovely weather. A city that has  managed to retain some of its huge, gigantic trees and greenery. A city, where a few of my closest friends live. A city, that offers tremendous opportunities to hone my skills, and a city with lots of excitement, madness and joy.

Take a guess…which city? 😉 In the meanwhile, let me discover what’s  the special thing about this city that has a magnetic effect on me.