Where does my “Ma” derive so much energy from? Always on her toes, always keen on doing something or the other, yet she never gets tired. Be it sewing; or running after her grand-daughter; or even cooking up something special for us. (Touch Wood)

I guess God made Mothers that way; so that we constantly draw inspiration from. She says “I don’t like to sit idle”. I retort, “you need to rest too” & she adds further “But, I enjoy doing them”. Well, I cease arguing & remain tight-lipped; thinking…all I wish is her happiness.

Today is my “Ma’s” birthday. I wanted to gift her a “Special Day” & planned it slightly different. I pampered her today at home. Gave her a lovely  head & foot massage. Made a special face-pack for her. Yes, pretty much a Home-Spa 😉

Now, am geared up to bake a delicious cake, shall make some rice pudding, and prepare a scrumptious dinner that would include all her favorite food.

Ma – A very Happy Birthday to you!