He staggered & his eyes were fiery. He smiled wryly. The guests had started pouring. He would go up to the women & try to hug them; and the women would cringe with severe discomfort. Some clearly evaded, having estimated his state from a distance. It was evident; he was inebriated at a party thrown by his colleague. A few men took him out but it did not help much. He returned after some time & the people around grew conscious of any ruckus.

In one corner of the adorned room, a woman stood in utter dismay.  Clad in a beautiful red saree, she watched over this man with grave concern. Her eyes were moist; though she tried hard to masquerade her pain. But, the anger and helplessness could not be masked. There were murmurs all about this man who was drunk. She could sometimes overhear them. Clung to her Saree was a young boy, who smiled & greeted others…

The hosts started fretting as the situation was getting awkward. The woman looked embarrassed & quite apologetic. She slowly excused herself & left the place, holding her husband’s hand over her shoulder. Little boy, their son… still clung to her saree, followed them in disappointment, probably wondering why?

Drinking is purely a personal preference, but I strongly condemn the habit, if it’s overdone & the person has no control over himself, especially at a social gathering with the spouse & child around. Besides causing discomfort to others, the partner becomes the center of attention for all the wrong reasons.

“You may have no control once you are drunk, but the choice of place and surrounding can always be taken into consideration before indulging.”