Well, I realise good moments are actually created. Just expecting things to turn fine all by itself is sort of inane. We must do things that bring us joy, do things that give us pleasure. We must create those moments, make them special. These days, I cook more often. I try new things, spend time watching classics on Television, listen to Mukesh/Md. Rafi / RD Burman songs, water my plants, I meet close friends, spend more time with family, read lots of books, journals,  & I write as much as I can.

O’er this weekend, I visited a very close friends’ place. It’s been a long pending one. This time, I had decided not to drop the plan, come what may. And, what an amazing time I had with him, his wife & adorable, beautiful, little daughter who is going to turn a year old in a few days.  Those were a few good moments. We went for an evening walk together along the road. There was so much greenery. We crossed a very old cemetery too. We talked, cracked jokes, laughed, remembered some good ol’ times, pulled each other’s legs, and walked back home. Later, we decided to go out for dinner, but on our way we changed our plan. We wanted to cook at home together.  We stopped by for grocery shopping and picked up all that we needed to cook up a sumptuous dinner. We returned home.

And in no time, while we were chatting, chopping, stirring & cooking, our meal was ready. Spicy Pulao, Chicken Drumsticks cooked in a tomato rich gravy on slow fire , Stir fried potatoes & frozen peas. All prepared and ready to be served with chilled coke. Yes. We gave a damn to calories and hogged instead. We did not regret going out. Had a relaxed hearty meal, & then I was dropped back home safely.

All in all, had a blast! Yes, we create moments like these and make life worthwhile. I shall cherish these special moments life long.