Today morning was not the regular sunny-bright ones. It was cloudy, little dark and cold.  It brought some rainfall too, a brief one though. For me, it was a lovely one. I love rainfall, any season, any time.  🙂 And, I am glad with the fresh air flowing in the morning, a light drizzle made a perfect weather for me to restart my Yoga days. Yes, I feel so rejuvenated. So fresh after those long Suryanamaskars (without the mighty Sun ;)) and a few Asanas here and there.

Want to make this weekend a little fitness bound so would include mostly fresh fruits, juices, steamed vegetables and healthy cereals in my diet. I think it’s a great idea to flush the toxins out of mind, body & life. What say?

How are you planning your weekend? Here’s wishing you all a super healthy weekend!