I want to quit my job. I want to move to another city, another place, hunt for a new job. No, may be a transfer to another city where my existing office has a branch already. This might work, well at least I would save the risk of being jobless or most practically penniless. I want to travel abroad. Probably, do a short term course there. Travel for sometime, see some parts of this world. I need a change. I want a new beginning, a new life, a fresh start all over.

Am I trying to escape or I am simply aspiring? Would that help? I wonder! I am going through a war of thoughts. Several ideas, they are storming my mind. Some seems workable, while some don’t. Is this just a phase that would pass or there’s something that beholds my future. I would let it flow & wait for life to unwrap its own mystery. Life is indeed mysterious, and most certainly unpredictable.