Beginning month of yet another year. For me this New Year eve was just like any other usual-routine day. Spent some quite time at home. Had never planned to make it grand anyway as its going to be  just another month & just another year. Am I sounding like a pessimist or more of a realist? I don’t know. Long ago, I remember as kids we would wait for 1st January. We would plan for picnics, buy greeting cards, carefully write messages on them & post it to distant relatives, friends etc. Would spend winter afternoons anxiously waiting for the postman to arrive and deliver cards sent to us in return. Am simply getting nostalgic, 🙂 but there used to be tremendous excitement in opening the envelopes, reading those messages & adore the beauty of those cards. (I think, some of them I have neatly preserved). Now a days, thanks to internet & emails, it’s instant. Everything’s almost instant. Life too, I guess! Well, we have to go with the flow, & there’s no other choice.

New Year Eve, was however special in my own small way. You know what  I did? I wrote a simple New Year message to all my friends…all of them… including my close friends & all my blog friends(You know this isn’t? 😛 ) & am so overwhelmed to see the response. All of them replied. That was indeed very sweet and I can say this New Year started on a pleasant note. I am so touched! Thank You All 🙂

Honestly, have no expectations, have no fixed resolutions to make this year. Simply, wish to take each day as it comes with serenity & even greater simplicity.