I was apprehensive but very excited to attend the Sand Dune festival in Tordi, Rajasthan – a small village that’s 75Kms away from Jaipur. I preferred doing a little homework on net & realised a web is; after all a web. If not the right one, information can be really misleading.

I reached Jaipur on scheduled date & time and when I called up the event co-ordinator to check the route, he told me “The event was called off”. Even the local people there, never heard of a place called Tordi. I was shocked, was clueless for a while but I chose not to get unruffled; at least not by face. Called up a friend who helped me find a place to stay in Jaipur. I checked in & the stay was extremely comfortable, a very homely affair and I was mighty impressed. 

Further, I decided to venture Jaipur – The pink city for next 2 days, despite setting off from home on a different journey altogether & I admit I had a super gala time, a wonderful time exploring the place. Visited beautiful Forts, Palaces, Museums, learnt about Jaipur’s history, about the rulers, Kings & Queens, hogged on local delicacies, met people, rode on a horse carriage, and did lots of shopping, shopping & shopping from the by lanes & local bazaars of Jaipur. 

In the end, I feel completely pleased having travelled. I closely observed people there, their culture, food habits etc. & yes tasted this seasons’ sweet wintry breeze during the nights! A perfect time to visit the place. I did manage to capture the memory through my cammy for future reference especially to see and smile, thinking I did muster some courage to travel & explore alone someday.  Now I feel I can dedicate an entire blog to showcase the beautiful time spent in Jaipur & unfold some tales of life, some sweet & some not so sweet experiences that I came across during my journey.

Hillaire Belloc quoted rightly, We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment!!