• Remember, life is unpredictable, time is flying…you may want to do so many things…just do it. Care less
  • It’s always good to look forward to a new day, a new beginning and be hopeful
  • Don’t get flustered with every small thing. Such petty things are better ignored. It’s unhealthy
  • Celebrate …don’t find reasons to celebrate. Just go ahead and have some fun
  • Open your mind, write more, express yourself, you would feel less burdened
  • Be more calm and composed and learn to relax. That’s when you can think good and do good
  • Life is beautiful, ENJOY it and LIVE more

We all try, but somehow when life has so much to offer, we tend to overlook these things and get only captivated in the whirlpool of problems. Here’s a set of gentle reminders for me and my mind. Please feel free to add more if you have any 🙂