This is one tag I simply could not resist doing. Seriously…especially for a tomboy like me 😉 i mean thats what my friends say…

 (The badge looks cool 🙂 Thank you IHM & Suranga

Thank you : Masood, Comfy, Piyu, LOI, Misty – for tagging me! Oh yes!! The creator needs to be thanked too so…thanq IHM  😀

Here’s the TOP 10 list:

1. I hang out mostly with boys and gel really really well with them. In fact, 90% of my close friends are boyz..(If somewhere i remind them that yes there’s a girl among them,,,they say “tu bandiyon mein kahan count hoti hai 😉 ….

2. I just cant be so mushy…mushy …and touch-me-not kinds…sorry i just cant be… 😛

 3. I am always involved in the family for all kinda decision making thingys…cause they think I am really sensible one… 😉

4. I am very quick when it comes to shopping…do not spend too much time out there..trying and checking things… I pick up things randomly if its appealing…

5. I love doing all the manly chores 😉 like fixing plugs, electronic stuffs etc…& believe me I take enough pride in that 😛

6. I hate gold jewellery & not at all crazy about diamonds ….or any loud jewellery..

7. I lovvvvvve gadgets…even those toy cars…I love collecting them.

8. I am crazy about cars…and speed defines my driving :D. My brother always complains  mom saying.. “Mummy yeh bigde ladke ke tareh gaadi chalati hai” ( Mom she drives like one spoilt brat 😀 )

9. I have travelled alone & can manage things quite independently.

10. I hate talking on phone for a longer period…i try to Kiss (keep it sweet & simple..) 😈   come on you naughty fellas …thought otherwise?

But having said that, my heart is still of a woman, I am compassionate, I still love cooking, I love doing house-hold chores, take immense care of my loved ones, listening to soft music, am very emotional… hmmm…I think I am pretty balanced… 🙂

I guess after a long long long time I managed to finish a tag 😀 so thanks to all…now you better comment otherwise …(me rolling up my sleeves 😉   )

Am I the last person to do the tag 😦 I think so…but letme pass on the tag in order to avoid the curse 😀 .. to Puja, Ajay, Titaxy, Mandira….and all those who have not done 😉