Well, I have always loved celebrating family’s and friend’s birthday. Throwing surprise parties, buying presents etc…gives me immense joy & contentment, especially when I get to see the smile on their face..(For sure money can’t buy this 😀 ) but when it comes to my own birthday, I kinda really feel shy!!! 🙂 Yeah…I know we have another year less to our lives, but nevertheless, I feel we all must celebrate our birthdays and thank our moms for gifting us such a colourful life. This, I believe is surely a good-enough reason to celebrate and have a blast on birthdays if not anything else. I probably try to keep it quiet… but, it can’t be a low-key when I have such a loving family & lovely friends around who carefully choose to remember birthdays and care enough to call and wish, send bouquets, buy me presents, pray for my happiness & goodwill. 

Yes, It was my birthday today and trust me at home the celebrations started since yesterday evening…when my bro got a cake and a beautiful bouquet and gave me lots of cash saying “buy whatever you love” (Afterall I am their only sweet adorable sis 🙂 ) Well, with cake-cutting comes a free facial so…had a nice chocolaty creamy facial on my face 🙂 and then the calls started overflowing as the clock struck 12.00 AM marking the beginning of my birthday…following beeps of message alerts, emails. It was a real sweet surprise….when during the day, my ex-boss and a few school friends called up to wish me…. I really feel blessed having surrounded by such warm and loving people.  The day was slightly boring as I had to attend a so called important Leadership Meeting…and the minute it got o’er I escaped and rushed back home to spend the day with mom…& as the day advanced I guess there was more fun in store. It wasn’t planned & we ventured out for lunch and movie…After having a sumptuous lunch….luckily with Rajneeti running houseful I managed to get tickets for the show, and my Mom, sis-in-law and I along wid my cutie-pie niece got to watch the heavy-duty flick. After the show, we did a bit of shopping, visited a bookstore, got more gifts 🙂 and then ended the day with a lovely hot coffee Latte at Cafe Coffee Day.  🙂

Overall, I had a great day! Thankyou God, thanks Mom and thanks to all who mean a lot to me and my life! 🙂