Today morning as I woke up, I looked outside my window just to peek if the weather was cloudy. It was a bright sunny morning again & I was not too delighted looking at it, as I knew it would bring along a lot of heat, sweat & grime. But, to my surprise as the day proceeded there were thick grey clouds; slowly covering up the sparkling blue sky. My happiness knew no bounds. Childlike, I gazed at the hovering clouds that promised a heavy downpour. Just when I rushed out, I felt…those fat droplets on my hands, I looked up…then it poured on my face and then it rained …and rained hard. Ah!!! The smell was intoxicating, as the parched earth exuded after getting soaked in the magical rainfall. I sense the monsoon is around. Somehow, it’s in the air. The damp, moist feel which prompts its arrival. Trees & roads are all washed and they shine clear. 

I love these monsoon times; when those dark grey clouds dance madly just to break open, listening to the rhythm of those pearly rain drops as they fall, getting soaked in every drop, splashing into muddy puddles; making paper boats and floating them (It brings back those childhood memories now), those violent thunderous stormy evenings followed by a silent-calm breezy night.  Monsoon times around & my craving for generous servings of tea and hot fritters begin whilst enjoying the rain outside at the veranda.

These are times …that one must feel & enjoy! Just surrender yourself to the monsoon this season & have lots of fun & frolic! 🙂