Today’s Dinner

Achaari Murg :) (Chicken Curry with pickle spice)

Actually last evening I was just browsing a few food blogs, I found them so enticing that I made a promise to myself…which is ” I shall try making a new dish every day” :) Thanks to ecurry for her recipe today. It turned out to be super delicious! :) . Served with parantha, butter rice and crunchy floral salad.

May you all have a great week ahead :)

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16 thoughts on “Today’s Dinner

    • Wow!!! The Master Chef has actually commented….on this post!!! :) Am soo glad ..thank you for stopping by and leaving your comments!!!

      The dish did turn out to be super yummmm :) and I am gonna try some more!!

    • Nivs… thanks dear :) Fr u vegetarians I wil make palak paneer today :) and this dish can actually be altered by potatoes or paneer…

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