Bardhaman, a small town situated in West Bengal some less than 100 km North west from Kolkata.

A nice weather,sky all covered with grey clouds promising heavy downpour…. 

The historical Curzon Gate built in honor of Lord Curzon

A clearer view of The Curzon Gate

Sandesh…bengali sweets are incomplete without it’s mention. They are mouth watering, melts right into your mouth 🙂

Roshogulla with raw mango essence (Flavor of the season)

Ahhh hot fritters(Beguni and Alu Chops made of brinjals and mashed potato) with tea at a claystove stall. Nothing to beat a lovely rainy evening.

This man thinking I am a journalist while clicking pictures requested to click one of his pics 🙂

Silver lines..lightening up the night in the sky….

And…I leave the town next day early morning while the sun manages to smile bright after the night’s heavy downpour! While driving back; I envied the simple life that people led there, untouched by most of the modern transitions that has taken place in the cities. They live in their present, happy with the meagre they earn and live contented. They have not advanced, may be which is why they have not lost their simplicity.