I am hopeless when it comes to tags, since it involves big time thinking & I find it really hard to exploit my leftover brains 🙂 but a few days ago I got these Badges/Awards for which I am grateful to quite a few…& obviously I cant help but flaunt them 😀

Thanks a lot Comfy 🙂

Thankyou Celestialrays 🙂

I also would like to take this opportunity to thank others too who have taken time off to visit my blog till date and have managed to leave their sweet comments which has genuinely made me feel happy and content. I have loved connecting with allllllll of you through your lovely posts/blogs…here you go,

Puja, Swaram, Masood, Anup, Mahmud Faisal, Bluemist, Titaxy, Comfy, CelestialraysLOI, CB, Dev, Psych Babbler, Ajay, Mandira, Fareesa.

Few intermittent visitors too,

 Quarterbar, Pal, Chinkurli, Rajlakshmi, and if I have missed out on anyone …my apology for the same!

Once again I pay my sincere gratitude to one and all. Keep blogging and continue to visit my blog and share your comments, believe me… it makes my day 🙂

Cheers & God bless!